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Dr. Claudia Siebeneck
Year of Birth: 1974
Citizenship: German
Languages: German, English and French
e-mail: contact

Academic Background

Dr. Claudia Siebeneck studied economics and business management (with a focus on marketing) at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and received her degree (lic. oec.) in 1999; she subsequently received a Master in Law and Economics in 2008. Thereafter, she was engaged as an assistant at the HSG: From 2008 until 2011 she worked for Prof. Dr. Peter Nobel at the Institute for International and European Business Law; from 2011 until 2012, she was an assistant to Prof. Dr. Florian Möslein in the profile area “Business Enterprise – Law, Innovation and Risk” at the Law School of the HSG. Dr. Siebeneck completed her Doctorate in 2013 with a dissertation, “Die Sanktionsverfahren der Schweizer Börse: eine kritische Betrachtung“ (“The Sanction Proceedings at the Swiss Stock Exchange, A Critical Observation”.)

From 2011 until 2013 Dr. Siebeneck worked as an instructor for self-studies in the areas of private law and public law at the HSG.

Professional Activities

In 1999, after obtaining her degree in economics and business management, Dr. Siebeneck worked in the marketing departments of various firms in Germany and Switzerland. Upon completing her dissertation in 2013, she was engaged as a law trainee at a law firm in St. Gallen for one year. Dr. Siebeneck joined Nobel and Hug as a legal assistant in May, 2015. Subsequently, in December 2015, she was admitted to the Bar for the canton of St. Gallen after which she was promoted to the position of Associate Attorney at Nobel and Hug.

Preferred areas of Practice

Corporate and commercial law, finance and capital market law, contract law and other civil law areas, procedural law and arbitration.


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